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Chip Box

Digital or analog chip box?

The main difference between these two devices is electronics and regulation. The digital chip box is a newer,  more electronically advanced device.  It is equipped with better regulation within 50 turns. The analog chip box, is a simple device with the regulation within 1 turn. We recommend the digital chip box because it is easily adjustable precisely to your requirements.

Chip Box

Why there is no power gain?

The device reaches the full power after driving about 200 kilometers / 150 miles. If you have driven this distance and there is no effect use the adjusting screw. Put the device close to the picture in the instruction and turn to the MAX direction. ATTENTION: If you have not driven 200 kilometers / 150 miles with the chip box, please DO NOT regulate your device.

Chip Box

Why does my car smokes excessively?

Excessive smoking is probably caused by too low level of air in the air-fuel mixture. Check if the filter in your car is clear enough to pass a sufficient amount of air. Additionally, reduce the power of the chip.

Chip Box

What does the ‘check engine’ means and how to…

If ‘check engine’ light appears, do not worry, it is only a message indicating that the power on the chip box is too high. Uninstall your chip box and drive few days without it. The computer will read a new data. Next, reduce the power on the device and install chip box again.