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Chip Box

How to adjust the chip?

Our devices are equipped with the regulating screw. Thanks to it you can adjust the device to your car. DO NOT begin adjusting before 200 km / 150 miles is done. If, after this distance, there is still no increase in power, you can improve it by turning the screw few times to the MAX. As the direction depends on the manner of connection, please compare the chip with the picture in the instruction and turn the screw few times to the MAX (according to the picture).

Chip Box

Does the device come pre-adjusted?

Each device comes pre-adjusted. Our settings are optimal and the best for your car. However, due to the different parameters of particular vehicles, in some cases additionall adjusting is necessary.

Chip Box

How to install the chip?

Before you start installing the device, please become acquainted with the instruction that you can find in the link included in our message. If you purchased the device for petrol ( LPG) engine, and individual instruction will be sent to your email in PDF format. DO NOT use the instruction on paper that comes with the chip as it is a general one. All the instructions are sent in PDF format which allows to copy them to your mobile phone.